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Performance Coaching

My focus

As a creative and someone who feels passionate about the arts I  whole-heartedly believe that art should be accessible to any and everyone. Because of this it has become my passion to share what I have learned with children and adults alike.  My focus is  to create a safe space that encourages my students to conquer fears and to grow as a singer, as an actor, as a creative, and as a human being while providing the tools and techniques necessary for every individual to develop their skills as well as their confidence.

If your goal is to...

Sing with Ease

Gain A Better Understanding of the Theater Industry

Know What Happens "In The Room"

Conquer Your Fears

Become A Better Actor

Prepare For Your College Auditions

Expand Your Audition Rep

Improve Virtual Audition Techniques


Find Songs That Fit Your Voice

Feel More Comfortable Singing Pop/Rock

Gain Confidence In The Audition Room And On Stage

Connect To Material In A Deeper Way


Restore Your Passion For Performing

Feel free to schedule a  free consultation by emailing

The Lessons

How I teach

I love working with students who find joy in both singing and storytelling.  My aim is to develop and strengthen your voice while exploring ways to tell the story truthfully and authentically. I am currently working with students who sing just for fun, who are currently auditioning for college, who sing at church, who are part of their school choir, who are auditioning for shows, and who love singing just for the joy of it. My lessons often involve: 

  • Vocal Assessments

  • Breathing Exercises

  • Relaxation Techniques

  • Warm-Up Techniques

  • Straw Phonation Exercises

  • Vocal Function Exercises

  • Acting Exercises

  • Industry Talks

 Private and Group


30 Minute Lesson

45 Minute Lesson

1 Hour Lesson

90 Minute Lesson

Self Tape Reader Session

Master Class and Audition Workshop Pricing Upon Request.

New Student

We will spend 30 minutes getting to know one another, discussing your goals, and ensuring that my teaching style fits your needs.

$20 off

Your first trial Lesson

$30 off

With the 4-class bundle you can save $30 per lesson!

PAYABLE through:




for inquiries or to schedule a lesson

please EMAIL ME At:


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All Sessions are 100% Virtual and will be given via:

  • Zoom

  • FaceTime

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